Indiana Service Medal

The Indiana Society SAR Service Medal is awarded to members in good standing of the Sons of the American Revolution and the Ladies’ Auxiliary to the Sons of the American Revolution upon completion of 3 years creditable service to the INSSAR. The years of service need not be consecutive. The award may be presented for each 3 years of creditable service. Additional awards of the medal are represented by gold stars on the medal drape. 5 stars may be replaced with a star bearing the number 5. The medal is awarded in bronze, silver, and gold. The obverse of the medal is a depiction of the Liberty Torch surrounded by nineteen stars as found in the center of the Indiana State Flag over the letters SERVICE curved along the bottom of the face and INSSAR curved along the top. The reverse of the medal is left plain for engraving of the recipient’s name, and if applicable, NSSAR number. The drape is royal blue with a narrow gold stripe centered matching the colors of the Indiana State Flag. The medal is in full size (1 1/4 inch diameter) and miniature.

The bronze medal denotes service at the chapter level and is certified by the chapter secretary. Service as an elected chapter officer or major chapter committee chairman is required for Compatriots. While in office, the Compatriot must perform the duties of office held in a satisfactory manner to include attendance at chapter meetings. Ladies may meet this requirement by marching in colonial attire with the color guard at chapter functions, participating with Compatriots in Flag ceremonies, JROTC Medal presentations, community parades, patriotic educational programs, helping the chapter to host state meetings, etc. Total events or activities required per year not to exceed the event or activities required of Compatriots by their respective chapter.

The silver medal denotes service at the district level and is certified by the state secretary or color guard commander. Compatriots must serve as district director, major area color guard vice commander, or be the principal program at at least 2 chapter meetings ( per year) outside their primary chapter. Ladies may qualify by completing at least 3 of the following each year: presenting a chapter program, serving as primary hostess for the Ladies Auxiliary meeting at one of the 4 annual state meetings, participating in 3 parades outside their home chapter, participating in colonial outfit at the Vincennes Rendezvous, Connor Prairie, or Feast of the Hunter’s Moon SAR booths/displays, other displays or educational events outside their primary chapter, etc.

The gold medal denotes service at the state level and requires that the Compatriot or Lady hold an elected state office or major committee chair in their respective organization. Creditable service is certified by the Indiana SAR State Secretary or the Indiana SAR Ladies’ Auxiliary State Secretary and requires the individual perform the duties of the elected position in a satisfactory manner to include attendance at state meetings of the respective organization.

An individual may receive all 3 awards over the same 3 year period if they meet the individual yearly requirements for creditable years service at each of the 3 levels. Service prior to the year 2000 may not be counted.

Respective secretaries will submit by name requests listing qualifying service per year to the Indiana SAR Medals & Awards Chairman (Indiana SAR Vice President) no later than 15 June for presentation at the Summer House of Delegates Meeting. Medals and supplemental stars will be supplied by the Indiana SAR Medals & Awards program at no cost to the recipient upon initial authorization. Cost of replacing lost medals or stars will be born by the individual.

Indiana Society Bronze Service Medal Nomination
Indiana Society Silver Service Medal Nomination
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