CANCELLED – Spring House of Delegates


From President Waldroup:
It is my belief as President that it is in the best interest of the members of our organization that we cancel the April 18, 2020 HOD Annual Meeting at this point in time due to the current guidance from the CDC, local and national health and government organizations. While this does bring me sadness, the fact remains that our annual meeting is intended to be a time of celebration, the presentation of awards, hearing from our youth, and voting on necessary business. With a majority of our membership in the designated high-risk category, and timelines of restrictions continuing to expand, I believe it best to make and communicate this decision now, rather than let it continue to linger. This will allow plans to change now, rather than last minute reactions. This cancellation was conducted in accordance with our state bylaws. Also, please note that our bylaws prohibit proxy, mail or electronic voting of HOD delegates.

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