Filming for BSU / SAR production

04/07/2019 all-day
Filming for SAR / BSU production
6000 County Rd 300 W
La Fontaine, IN 46940
Mark Kreps

The opportunity of a lifetime to honor the history of the Rev. War for our unsung Hoosier Patriots. Be immortalized on film. This is a free gratis event and although your services are very much appreciated your name will be in the credits on film for all to see.

Where :Mississinewa 1812 Battlefield entrance site
Place : 6000 N 300 W27, La Fontaine, Indiana 46940


Sunday April 7 at 11:00 am
You are to appear as if it were 1775 – 1783, in militia appearing attire.
You need to be willing to sign a “hold harmless” release and volunteer.
What: BSU Immersive Learning History Dept. and the Sons of the American Revolution project are working together to highlight two lesser known Rev. War soldiers who are buried in Indiana. A short video of each individual, they picked
1. Squire Boone (Daniel Boone’s brother)
2  George Mason, (not the signer of the declaration) who was involved in Lochry’s Defeat Aug 1781, consequently captured by the Native Americans and led as a POW to Detriot. It hoped that both viewpoints could be ascertained in the video.
We needed men with muskets, some may be supplied. Please bring your own blackpowder, with flash guard and hammer stall We will have some available and non shooters. Inspection will occur before participation, pinging the barrel, no overt rust, etc.  If you don’t have a musket come anyway.
  No men should wear blue jeans or blue pants for that matter. Khaki, black, tan, brown cotton would be better, if the pants we furnish do not fit. The Rev. War pants rather were tight fitting.   Black shoes, brown socks. No white tennis shoes or stripes on the shoes on them at all. No watches on during filming. All re-enactors need to have a hat on. Men should be alert in appearance, serious and rather stern, unless otherwise directed. Hair color must be natural.
 No gloves, unless extremely cold. Muskets should be pointed in an upward direction. See trail arms diagram. <>
Frocks need a belt or sash. No glasses to be worn at all. Very short facial hair is alright as if it has been “three days since you shaved appearance” but no beards, mustaches, and sideburns are to be only down the middle of the ear. whatsoever.  Long hair for men is alright but should be “platted” or pulled back and tied. We aren’t loaning out regimental outfits since that era and venue wore primarily militia apparel.
Men wearing the period correct white shirts need to have a black neck stock. If you have questions let me know. If interested email Mark Kreps back at and give you your phone number.
Extreme care should be used in handling the muskets, as I will supervise.  Same would be for the wearing the attire.
  Janet will supervise any clothing for women wanting to participate.
    All individuals will need to bring there own supplies, and be willing to feed themselves, but we will bring snacks and drinks. We are appreciate your participation to make history!